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“I have worked with a competitor’s brain fitness program at the community I was at and VM is a much more comprehensive and workable program. I see the long-term benefits being tremendous! This is so much a whole wheel of wellness concept. You have to make your body move but you have to move your brain, too, and the socializing is great, too. VM has really brought the staff and the residents together.”

Julie Seifried, Director of Independent Living Operations and sales, Activities Director, The Woods at Cedar Run, Camp Hill, PA

See Vigorous Mind in Action:

Engaging Science-Based Brain Exercises for Groups and Individuals

Exercise levels are adapted to the cognitive level of the group (levels can challenge independent living residents and can engage memory care residents up to mid-stage)


Diverse Engaging Stress-reducing Activities


Sing Along

Popular songs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s with their lyrics


Fun Facts & Trivia

Weekly stories about entertainment, sports, art politics, science, and world affairs with direct YouTube access to run videos. A monthly newsletter provides a list of the planned stories and answers to the trivia questions

Music Matters

Weekly stories about music and musicians of all genres with the ability to play favorite clips from YouTube 



The Nifty 1950s and Other Nostalgia

Amusing weekly reminiscence activities such as quizzes about music, life in the 1950s, word games, stories and pictures that bring back memories and laughs 



What a World! Virtual Tours and Trivia

A virtual tour and visit in a new country every week with magnificent pictures of exotic places and fun facts. "By George" geography-related trivia, word games and stories. 



Animal Insider 

Fascinating and amusing weekly stories, trivia, word games and videos about animals



All-in-One Integrated Calendar 

Enter calendar data once and let Vigorous Mind do the rest – produce impressive monthly, weekly and daily calendars, digital signage and more



Digital Signage  

Digital signage is created automatically from the integrated calendar and it can be unit specific (different content in assisted living VS memory care, etc.) 


Attendance, Level of Engagement and Reporting

Take attendance and record engagement during activities for better care, programming analysis and compliance with F-Tags and state regulations  


Person-Centered Care
From the moment you first meet a prospect and family, Vigorous Mind helps you tailor a person-centered care program. Vigorous Mind learns about every senior’s personal background and interests and using matching tools allows staff to find residents who share similar backgrounds and fields of interest and to introduce them to each other as soon as they move in – preventing loneliness. 

Calming "Sundowning" Residents

Vigorous Mind builds a personalized YouTube library of music, TV and Movie videos based on each senior’s preferences


Family User and Visual and Auditory Mail

Families can access Vigorous Mind from home and share with their loved-one family pictures, family history and much more. A visual and auditory email with recordings of family members’ voices and auditory emails keep seniors happy and connected.

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