Activities and Enrichment Platform
for Seniors at Home and for Senior Living Communities
Engage seniors at home remotely through Zoom

"I think that the Vigorous Mind website is excellent, very helpful, and very well constructed. I have recommended your site to several individuals, including professional people"

Bruce B., Vermont

"Utilizing the program with my residents and watching them become competitive, more social, and seeing their self-esteem increase, is truly priceless!"

Gina Saunders, Corporate Director of Memory Care and Programming, Maplewood Senior Living, Danbury, CT

Vigorous Mind is a web-based multidomain (cognitive training, physical exercise, enrichment, stress reduction, and socializing) activities' platform for seniors, developed with assistance from leading researchers and with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Vigorous Mind is based on science that shows that engaging in such activities can protect brain health in old age.

             Key Features & Benefits            (Beta version for Windows and Android)

For Individual Users

Fun Activities to Challenge, Relax and Amuse You    

  • Science-based cognitive exercises / brain games

  • Your favorite music and videos automatically brought to you from YouTube

  • Fascinating virtual tours in countries

  • Weekly new content and trivia

  • Engaging reminiscence activities: "Fun Facts", "Music Matters", "The Nifty 1950s", "A Good Laugh", Sing Along with lyrics, "We Were There"

  • Enriching and challenging "Animal Insider" stories, word games and trivia and "By George" geography-related trivia and word games 

  • Communicate with family through a secure auditory email (no spam) where you can record the messages in your own voice (no typing) and receive recorded messages as well as pictures with narration

  • Create life stories slideshows and record 
    in your own voice and share with children and grandchildren

  • Use Vigorous Mind on your television (requires the combined Vigorous Mind+Amazon Fire 4K with Alexa TV remote package - currently in Beta version)

For Senior Living Communities

   A Broad Selection of Engaging Group Activities

  • Science-based cognitive exercises / brain games

  • Sing-along with lyrics

  • Effective activities for memory-care residents

  • Weekly new content and trivia

  • Fun Reminiscence activities - "The Nifty 1950s", "Music Matters", "We Were There", "Fun Facts", "A Good Laugh"

  • Fascinating virtual tours in countries

  • "Animal Insider" and "By George" trivia and word-game sessions

  • Physical exercise for seniors

   Productivity & Cost Saving

  • New weekly content ready for staff to use with direct links to YouTube

  • Integrated all-in-one calendar for easy creation of impressive monthly, weekly and daily calendars

  • Automatic generation of digital signage from calendar

  • Run unlimited groups simultaneously in the building with one license

  • Learn what programs residents want and improve your programming using the Fields of Interests report

   Powerful Marketing and Resident-Care Tools

  • Match prospects with residents with similar backgrounds and interests to attract them to your community

  • Simplify the move-in process by introducing new residents to residents who share same background and interests

  • Help "sundowning" residents in memory-care calm down through their favorite music and videos on Vigorous Mind

  • Increase family engagement by allowing family members to access the system from home to communicate, share pictures, record family stories, etc. 

  • A reward system encouraging seniors to pursue health and wellness activities 

    Compliance and Reporting

  • Compliance with federally mandated F-tags 

  • Compliance with state regulations regarding  activities in senior living

  • Extensive reporting on participation, engagement, usage, adherence and progress for improved programming, planning and accountability for increased customer and family satisfaction

  • Community book for assuring an effective succession plan when a caregiver leaves

  • HIPAA compliance

"Vigorous Mind has become an important part of the residents’ activities both as a group and as individuals. Our social workers report that participation in the games and the weekly stories is high, and the reminiscence activities really get residents who are typically very quiet, talking. The one-on-one activities with several of the nursing home residents are having a great effect on their mood and you can tell how excited they are when it comes time for their turn on Vigorous Mind. Vigorous Mind has clearly been improving their quality of life!

Overall we are very pleased with the program and your team’s support and I would gladly recommend it to other senior living facilities and would be happy to invite them to see our residents in action."

Itzhak Mishnaiot, Executive Director, B'nai Brith Retirement Home, Haifa, Israel

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