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The Vigorous Mind Robot ("VMR")

What is temi?

temi is the world's first truly intelligent mobile robot. Featuring state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) and a system of sensors and cameras, temi will seamlessly navigate your nursing home or senior living facility. It will give your staff an effortless way to connect residents with their loved-ones and offer them engaging activities.

What is the Vigorous Mind temi Robot (VMR)?

The VMR adds new capabilities to temi specifically designed to address nursing home and senior living facility needs. These include scheduling virtual visits with residents using the VMR software, automatic dispatching of the robot at the scheduled time, and the ability for families to engage with residents using Vigorous Mind activities through the VMR. The VMR will improve safety for all, quality of life for residents, attract new residents and families and save staff time, making them more productive.

Using the robot for telehealth is billable for nursing homes

Using the robot for telehealth is billable and it can cover the cost of using the robot for all other VMR applications.

What are the benefits to your facility?

  • Better resident care - alleviating loneliness and boredom

  • Enabling telemedicine and telehealth visits by providers and therapists

  • Facilitating delivery of newspapers, mail and packages of up to 6 lbs by the robot

  • Saving staff time and lowering the risk of infections - no need to setup tablets for residents and to schedule staff to spend time in residents' apartments/rooms

  • For bed-ridden residents facilitating participation in group activities

  • Facilitating sales activities - allowing sales/marketing directors to conduct remote virtual tours of the building for prospective residents

  • Boosting the image of the community as one that applies cutting-edge technology to improve resident care

What are the benefits to residents and families?

  • Enabling safe virtual visits with a "human feel"

  • Freeing residents from the need to learn or operate technology

  • Facilitating resident participation in group activities when they are bedridden

  • Allowing families to engage with residents in personalized Vigorous Mind and other life enrichment activities through the robot

How do virtual family visits work?

Resident with robot updated
  1. A visitor (family member, friend, therapist) schedules a visit with the resident through a website.

  2. The visitor receives a Zoom link.

  3. At the desired time, the robot is automatically dispatched to the resident's room/apartment.

  4. When the visitor clicks on the Zoom link, s/he appears on the robot screen and can see the resident and remotely move the robot and position it so the resident can see her/him.

  5. They can chat and the visitor can run Vigorous Mind activities remotely through the robot to
    play games together, see family albums, listen to music, watch videos, etc. 

  6. When the visit is over, the robot navigates back to the charging station where it can automatically be disinfected in the robot disinfection cabinet before going to its next visit.

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