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Dependable-Dashboard – Consistent high-quality programming for senior settings Group-Activities - Fun, scientifically-based and brain-stimulating Weekly-new-content – Saving staff time, making sure seniors are never bored Community-Book - Matching tools to attract prospects and make the move-in process as smooth as possible Memory-Care-Tools - Unique tools that engage memory care residents Digital-Signage – Powerful marketing tools to grow family and residents satisfaction and engagement Unique-Features – Champions Program, tracking and reporting tools & more

Web-based Brain Wellness & Customer Engagement Platform for Senior Living and Senior Care

Consistently offer high-quality programming. Attract residents and clients and enhance their quality of life. Save time and improve your bottom line.

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My Vigorous Mind allows activity directors and memory care staff to run diverse group activities with new content every week. It provides marketing directors and resident care directors with tools to grow occupancy and keep residents and families satisfied.
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Senior Living
  • Improve quality of life for your residents/patients
  • Improve your marketing and efficiency
  • Increase your occupancy and customer retention

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Memory Care
  • Engage seniors in fun stress-reducing reminiscence activities
  • Use individualized tools to calm agitated residents
  • Enable families to stay engaged

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Brain Wellness Lecture Series
  • A comprehensive non-pharmacological approach to brain wellness and the Science Behind It
  • Attract prospects, families and seniors
  • Learn new ways to improve care.

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