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Vigorous Mind Premium offers you:

  • Scientifically-based brain stimulating exercises
  • Access to your favorite music and video on YouTube
  • Weekly Fun Facts, Trivia
  • Reminiscence activities: "The Nifty 1950s", "Music Matters", "A Good Laugh", sing-along
  • Virtual tours in countries around the world
  • Physical exercises - Endurance, strength flexibility and balance exercises to try to keep you in shape 
  • The ability to create your own slideshows (with your voice-over) of life stories, family events, family history, trips, and any topic you wish.
  • The ability to communicate with friends and family through a secure (No "spam") auditory and visual email system that doesn't require typing or reading. Record your email messages in your own voice and receive recorded messages from family and friends.
  • "My Day" - a convenient calendar to remind yourself of things you want or need to do

Vigorous Mind Premium - One Annual Individual License

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